Best Load™

               New Comprehensive Fastener Specification                 and Pallet Durability Model:

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Free Demonstration Version Available

A free trial of Best Load™ is available. Review our brief overview video to see how the software works. Please note: the trial allows you three program analyses.

Best Load Free Trial

A sophisticated yet user friendly unit load structural analysis software tool.

Best Load™ is the first and only software that models the mechanical interactions between distribution packaging, pallets, and storage / handling equipment. Best Load™ is used to:

  • Design unit loads
  • Analyze unit loads
  • Fit distribution packaging systems to pallets
  • Fit unit loads to shipping methods
Utilizing the systems based design methodology developed by White & Co founder Dr. Marshall White, Best Load™ is typically used to reduce annual packaging spend by 8-18%.

The software uses modern 3D, FEA, structural analysis techniques to simulate unit load supply chain operations and generate performance outputs such as maximum safe load carrying capacity for pallets and maximum applied compression stress on distribution packaging systems.

The software also gives the user the ability to:

  • Design specialty unit loads
  • Optimize unit load designs and shipping methods
  • Predict the containment force of stretch wrap
  • Predict the maximum safe load carrying capacity of any wooden pallet
  • Predict the maximum uniform and average applied compression stress on packaged product
  • Document packaging mass, volume, and cost data for managing sustainability goals
  • Create specs with graphics
  • Design in US customary or SI metric units
  • Convert to PDF

Getting Started with Best Load™

Watch the video below for a tutorial on using Best Load™ to design and analyze unit loads.

Best Load™ Example

Watch the video below for an example of what Best Load™ software is capable of.

Best Load™ - Getting Started

Click the thumbnail to watch an overview video of Best Load™.

Best Load Video Overview

Best Load™ Output Examples

Click on the thumbnail below to watch an example video of Best Load™.

Best Load Video Overview

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Best Load Example Unit Load
Best Load™ Example Unit Load

Best Load Corner Support
Best Load™ Example Corner Support

Best Load Example Compression Stress Map
Best Load™ Example Compression Stress Map